Wheels Off Detail and Brake Caliper Painting

Wheels off Detail and Brake Caliper painting

Wheels Off detail from £60

Wheels are a very important feature to any vehicle. This service is to prevent any paint corrosion and remove any contaminates on the wheels. To leave your wheels gleaming and sealed with the best protection against road grime, brake dust, oxidation, tar and salt.

  • Wheels are removed.
  • Wheels and tyres are cleaned with a acid free wheel cleaner
  • Wheels are dried using air blower/ microfiber towel
  • All contaminants will be removed using clay bar
  • IPA wipe down to remove clay sling.
  • Wheels will then be polished by hand and machine
  • Wheels are then coated with wheel protectant for maximum protection against road grime, brake dust an further contaminates
  • Tyres are then dressed
  • Wheels are then placed back onto the vehicle and torque up to original factory setting



Brake Caliper Painting 

Brake Caliper Painting Prices from £100

we offer a brake caliper painting service and will paint your calipers in any colour you wish.

Vehicle is jacked up and put onto axle stands.

All the wheels are removed then we start to clean the calipers and hubs with wire brush’s and sand paper to prepare the surface for painting.

Once cleaned, then we then start the application of the high temp enamel based paint (in any colour of your choice) to the caliper & disc hub.

we apply an minimum of 3 layers of paint to each caliper to give them a high gloss smooth finish.

Once complete the wheels are replaced and torqued up to manufactures specifications, car is removed from axle stands and the paint will be dry within a few hours.


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