What Is paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process of removing defects in the clear coat or top coat of the paintwork. Defects can range from scratches, swirl marks, marring, sanding marks, Bird Lime and many more, these are the items which prevent obtaining flawless paint. An example of defects in paintwork:


Before any of our detailing treatments takes place, we always measure the depth of the paintwork on the vehicle with an ultrasonic paint thickness gauge. This determines how thick the paintwork is and we will be able to tell if any of the panels have been re-sprayed before using cutting polishes to remove a very fine layer of the clear coat and remove the paint defects.

So once we have documented all the paint levels for each panel its then time to select a pad and polish combination. We will always start with the least abrasive polish and work upwards until we are happy with the first stage of the machine polishing ensuring that we only polish back the bare minimum of clear coat to remove the defects.

Paintwork correction is by no means the only step in car detailing to getting flawless paint, but it is probably the largest and one of the most time consuming. Have a look at some of the 50/50 shots below and see what a difference paintwork correction makes:


swirl removal

paint correction

paint correctionpaint correction



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