Enhancement Detail

Enhancement Detail From £175


▪ The car is Snow Foamed & washed safely using 100% sheepskin wash mitts and a PH neutral shampoo

▪ Wheels cleaned inside and out

▪ Inside of Wheel arches cleaned and all tar removed

▪ Clay bar the paintwork, this removes all industrial fallout and contaminations that have embedded themselves into the paintwork

▪ Dry the vehicle by hand using microfibre towels

▪ Paint thickness is measured on the vehicle using a Paint Thickness Gauge

▪ Single Stage Machine Polish to enhance the gloss, clarity and depth of your paint work.

▪ Layer of High Content Carnauba Wax added

▪ Plastics and Bumpers dressed and protected

▪ Tyres cleaned and dressed with a long life sheen

▪ Exterior glass cleaned and polished



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