Detailing products Refined Detailing Products……

From being in the business for such a long time we have been able to secure UK manufactures to bespoke detailing products to which we feel are the best, and made for ease of use, making the cleaning process of your vehicle much easier and resulting in a much longer lasting finish.

We offer everything to keep your vehicle in top condition, whether you are just a simple wash and dry person or the budding enthusiast we cater for all.

Alongside the detailing products we also stock a vast amount of detailing accessories this ranges from a simple detailing wax application pad, Microfibre Cloth or to our customers favourite, The 100% sheepskin bear mitt

Please feel free to have a browse of our online store and also keep up to date on all our social media pages.

The home of the finest car care products… are the finest because we have channelled our 20 years experience in the detailing trade to research and select premium suppliers from all over the UK. 

By doing this we have ensured we will only sell the best available product that will give you the best result for all of your detailing needs.  This helps the customer avoid using uneconomical, ineffective and unsatisfying products so that we can guarantee results.

detailing products

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